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Chugai has a sales division and a manufacturing division, and through our business activities these divisions have become the source of our strength, complementing each other like the two wheels of a cart.

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Founded in 1948, we have developed our businesses with the motto “Product development and sales” in order to meet our customers’ requests.

Today, the sales division provides functional components and functional materials mainly to the electronics industry, and works together with group companies specializing in silicon rubber parts and in LED lighting for electronic parts.

The manufacturing division is in charge of the development, design, manufacturing and sales of automotive parts which reduce noise and heat, and is currently engaged in making new proposals for interior and exterior trim which include such functionality.

Since globalization has long been a requirement, Chugai has established sales bases in China, Southeast Asia and North America, and has invested in manufacturing base companies through joint projects with partner companies in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

With the motto, “Think carefully and act boldly,” all the employees are committed to meet our customers’ requests with the best of intentions. As a result, we hope to provide society with a better, more comfortable environment.

Thank you for accessing our homepage today. Since it also includes the profiles of our group companies, we hope you will take a look.

Representative Director, President
Toru Naruse