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1948 Sep. Chugai Bussan Co., Ltd., founded with capital: 200,000 yen
1962 Sep. Tokyo Business Office opened
1966 Nov. Increased capital to 4 million yen
1968 Oct. Company’s new head office building completed
1969 May. Osaka Business Office opened
1970 Oct. Miyoshi Plant first-phase construction completed
    Production of automobile noise insulation components started
1972 Nov. Increased capital to 16 million yen
1973 Jan. Kurashiki Business Office opened
1974 Feb. Increased capital to 32 million yen
1975 Oct. Miyoshi Plant second-phase construction completed
1976 Apr. Chiryu Distribution Center started operations
  Dec. Production of automobile noise absorbing components started
1977 May. Increased capital to 48 million yen
1978 Jan. Fuji Polymer Industries Co., Ltd. founded
1979 Feb. Hiratsuka Field Office opened
  Jul. Hamamatsu Business Office opened
1980 May. Increased capital to 96 million yen
1981 Aug. Increased capital to 128 million yen
1982 Jan. Miyoshi Plant third-phase construction completed
  Aug. Yonago Field Office opened
1983 Apr. Miyoshi Plant fourth-phase construction completed
  Nov. Company name changed from Chugai Bussan Co., Ltd. to Chugai Co., Ltd.
1984 Nov. Acoustic measurement system “NoRAS” introduced at Miyoshi Plant
1986 Dec. R&D building completed at Miyoshi Plant
1987 Sep. Expansion and reconstruction of head office building completed
    Acoustic Research Laboratory completed at Miyoshi Plant
1988 Aug. Miyoshi Plant fifth-phase construction completed
1989 Jul. Miyoshi Plat administration building completed
1990 Nov. Kariya Business Office opened
1991 Dec. Hitachi Field Office opened
1992 Dec. Fukuoka Distribution Center started operations
1994 Sep. CHUGAI BUSSAN CO., LTD. (Hong Kong) founded
1997 Aug. Miyoshi Plant sixth-phase construction completed (5th plant)
2000 May. Increased capital to 328 million yen
2001 Mar. Tottori Business Office opened
  May. Miyoshi District Office and Kariya Business Office acquired ISO14001 certifications
2002 Sep. Shanghai Chugai Electronics Co., Ltd. founded
2004 Feb. Shanghai Chugai Electronics Co. opened Tianjin Office
    Autoneum Nittoku(Tianjin)Sound-Proof Co., Ltd.
2005 Mar. Shanghai Chugai Electronics Co. opened Canton Office
2006 Jun. NC Co., Ltd. founded
  Nov. HAKKOSONIC Co., Ltd. founded
2007 May. Fukuoka Plant and Fukuoka Business Office founded
    Production of automotive soundproof components started at Fukuoka Plant ISO14001 certifications were acquired at Head Office, Tokyo Branch Office, Osaka Business Office, Kurashiki Business Office, Hiratsuka Business Office, Hamamatsu Business Office, Yonago Business Office, Hitachi Business Office, and Tottori Business Office
  Aug. Central Insulation Co., Ltd. founded
2008 Apr. ISO14001 certification was acquired and expanded at Fukuoka Plant
2010 Sep. Kariya Branch Office new building completed
    CHUGAI BUSSAN CO., LTD. (China) opened Dongguan Office
2011 Aug. Shanghai Chugai Electronics Co., Ltd. opened Changchun Office
2012 Jul. Sendai Business Office opened
  Dec. Miyoshi Plant and Fukuoka Plant acquired ISO9001 certifications
  Aug. Sendai Plant founded and Sendai Business Office relocated
2015 Jul. Chugai America Corporation opened
2017 Feb. Epoch Molding Co., Ltd. founded
  May. Kasugai Plant opened
Head Office
Head Office
October 1968
Head Office (new office building)
Head Office (new office building)
September 1987
Miyoshi Plant
Miyoshi Plant
July 1989
November 2006
Fukuoka Plant
Fukuoka Plant
May 2007
Kariya Branch Office
Kariya Branch Office
September 2010
Sendai Plant
Sendai Plant
August 2014
Kasugai Plant
Kasugai Plant
May 2017