CSR Policy

Business Philosophy

1 Based on the concept of "Customer First", we strive to achieve our employees’ happiness while contributing to society through thorough compliance and the company’s sustainable development.
2 By leveraging the characteristics of the “Trading division” and the “Automotive division,” we aim to develop our businesses much further through mutually cooperative activities.
3 With a global perspective and a progressive spirit, we develop products and shape markets, having dreams, hopes and enthusiasm.
4 Inheriting the company culture of “Sincerity” and “Effort,” we continue in our challenge for a more comfortable society.

Chugai Group CSR Policy

( Preamble )
Based on our “business philosophy,” we (Chugai and its group companies) contribute to the sustainable development of society through our business activities in various countries and regions.
We observe laws and regulations, follow their spirit, and conduct business activities faithfully.
For our sustainable development, we manage our companies by emphasizing the relationships with all stakeholders as follows, and strive to earn their confidence through open and fair communications.
We expect our suppliers to support the intentions of this policy and act accordingly.
( Customers )
Based on our business philosophy of “Customer First,” we develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services in response to various customer needs.
We manage our intellectual property appropriately and strive to protect the personal information of all persons involved in our business activities, including our customers.
( Employees )
Based on the leadership of our senior management, we try hard to enhance our compliance, to cultivate a company culture that motivates ethical actions, and to implement it.
We cherish our employees in order to “Achieve Employees’ Happiness” and strive to develop human resources such as developing the individual’s abilities and building their careers.
We provide fair and equal employment opportunities for every job opening and never discriminate among our employees.
We respect the human rights of our employees and are never involved in forced labor or child labor in whatever form.
Through sincere dialogue and discussion with our employees or their representatives, we create the sense of values of “Mutual Trust and Mutual Responsibility” and share it with them.
We make it a priority to ensure the health and safety of our employees in the course of their duties, and try to prevent accidents and disasters.
( Business Partners )
We respect our business partners, build relationships of trust through our dealings, and aim for coexistence and co-prosperity with them.
When deciding a supplier, we open our doors fairly and impartially before comprehensively judging the quality, price, delivery time, technology and environment.
We observe individual competitive laws and strive for fair and free trade.
( Shareholders )
We aim to increase our company value through lasting, stable growth for the benefit of our shareholders.
We disclose information relating to our management, finance and environmental protection, appropriately and properly to our stakeholders, including our shareholders.
( Local Communities and Global Society )
[ Environment ]
We strive to protect the environment through all our business activities, develop and provide products and services by balancing the environment and the economy, and aim for environment-friendly growth including global warming prevention and biodiversity conservation. (For details, refer to the Chugai Environmental Policy.)
[ Society ]
We respect each individual country’s culture, customs, history, laws, and regulations, and manage our companies with the confidence of the local communities.
We refuse any bribery offered by governments or business partners, and strive to build honest and fair relationships with governments, administrations and our business partners.
We conduct procurement activities in consideration of the impact that the use of raw materials (e.g. Congolese conflict minerals*) which might cause social problems, including human rights and the environment, could have on the local communities. If there are any concerns, we try to avoid using them.
*Minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries and used to finance armed group activities in the region (conflict minerals).
[ Contribution to Society ]
We proactively work on social contribution activities to create and develop affluent local communities in every region where we do business.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our company has established a quality policy and performs business activities in order to provide products and services that always satisfy our customers.

1 We value communications with our customers, and provide reliable products and services in order to meet their needs.
2 We have established a quality management system and are continually trying to improve its effectiveness for better quality.
3 We set quality targets and aim to achieve them through recognizing and evaluating our results.
4 We continue to pursue state-of-the-art technologies by working hard on research and development in order to consistently provide advanced products and services.
5 All the employees understand our quality policy, and are consistently trying to rethink and improve themselves.
ISO9001 4/26/2018 (revised to 2015 edition)
(Initial certification was acquired on 12/17/2013)

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our company has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of automotive soundproof components, and the sales of chemical products, electrical and electronic parts, etc. In the meantime, we have strived to protect the environment in harmony with it. Furthermore, at a time when people are discussing global warming events and the destruction of nature’s ecosystems, we are striving to protect the environment, to move toward a better global environment, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

1 We observe laws, regulations, and agreements related to the environment, and strive to establish and maintain voluntary control standards.
2 We strive to prevent pollution by promoting the development, design, manufacturing and sales of environment-friendly products, and aim to generate as little waste as possible while developing workplaces with minimum energy consumption.
3 In order to protect the environment, we have set out our environmental targets, and as part our daily operations we promote ongoing improvements and maintenance activities to all our employees.
4 Every employee is aware of and responsible for what to do, and can receive systematic education and training to improve their environmental awareness.
5 We strive to protect the environment in harmony with local communities.
ISO14001 4/26/2018 (revised to 2015 edition)
(Initial certification was acquired on 5/15/2001)
4 deodorizers installed since 1995 sequentially to protect the environment
The round leaf holly tree symbolizes environmental activities

Actions for Environmental Conservation

第1次環境取り組み期間 第2次環境取り組み期間 第3次環境取り組みプラン実施中

Action Agenda
1 Prevention of global warming
2 Reduction of environmentally hazardous substances 
3 Resource circulation 
4 Environmental Management 
Results Matter
Promotion of reducing component weight in order to contribute to fuel efficiency improvements
Further promotion of management and reduction of both environmentally hazardous substances and harmful chemical substances.
*Compliance with the European ELV Directive
*Compliance with the RoHS Directive
*Reduction of four SOC materials and promotion of lead-free products
*Reduction of materials subject to PRTR and VOC
*Compliance with European REACH
Further promotion of recycling design
Promotion of effective resource usage
Optimization and management of water consumption
Preliminary purchase survey and improvement of green procurement
Further strengthening cooperation with partner companies and business partners, and their management
Enhancement of environmental education and internal communication
Disclosure of environmental information and enhancement of two-way communication
Enhancement of communication with local communities
Nature conservation and greening activities
CSR activities
Changes in Amount of Waste
Changes in CO2 Emissions
     *The Sendai Plant started its target management in 2017.